Purina Food Sales Program

Purina Food Sales Program 

 Purina Food Sales Program



Current Regulations: 



  1) We will be keeping track of individuals whose food is not picked up.  If this occurs at two separate distributions, you will no longer be allowed to order food through the Purina Food Sales Program.    Please remember that anyone can pick up your order for you so long as the food is paid for at the time of the distribution.  So that you may plan accordingly, we will be including the dates of the distribution in the email announcing that online ordering is open.  Please DO NOT order food unless you know that you, or someone you know, will be available to pick it up.



2) Each person is limited to a total of 100 lbs of food per distribution. NO EXCEPTIONS. The shipping weight of each bag of dry food is the same as the actual weight of of the bag (i.e. two 37.5 lb bags would be 75 lbs toward your total).  The shipping weights for the canned food and the treats are listed in red next to the product name in the product lists below.  As of right now Dental Chews or Gentle Snackers will not count toward to the total weight of your order.  



We apologize for any inconvenience this creates but the orders have become too large for us to handle with our current situation.  Ideally in the future we would like to have a warehouse to sell the food from but, at this point, this is not an option.  Thank you for your understanding.


3) Our regulation on Dental Chews limits the order to "2." This equals 6 actual boxes (i.e. an order of "1"  is 3 boxes.) If more are ordered, we will reduce the order to "2." Thank you for your cooperation!





Pick Up Dates for the Summer:





1.  Who is permitted to order food through this program?

            -Anyone who attends or works for the College of Veterinary Medicine is allowed to order food (students, faculty, interns, residents, clinicians, staff, graduate students).


2.  How often are the orders?

            -Orders are taken every 4-6 weeks.


3.  Which Purina brands are available through this program?

            -Only Purina’s premium pet food line, ProPlan, as well as Purina Veterinary Diets are available.


4.  How do I sign up for this program?

            -You do not have to sign up for this program. An email will be sent announcing the open dates for each order. Just follow the link to our online order form and submit your order.  Be sure to get your order in by the deadline listed in the email.


5.  Where do I pick up and pay for my food?

            - The food is distributed from a Budget rental truck parked behind the Vet School courtyard. An email will be sent out listing the dates and times for each distribution. Simply come by the truck and pick up your food. Payment of either cash or check is due when you pick up your food.


6.  Can someone else pick up my food for me if I cannot make it during the distribution?

            -Absolutely! Anyone can pick up your food, as long as they bring payment.


NOTE: Food will not be available for pickup after the distribution ends so you must pick up your food during the allotted times. With Purina’s support, all leftover food that is not picked up is donated to local pet rescue groups. These groups arrive to pick up the food at the end of the distribution so that we can clear out and return the rental truck. Therefore, no food is held over so don’t forget to pick up!